CERE Foundation

landing-pageThe Conservation, Education, Research and Empowerment Foundation Pty Ltd (CERE) is a non-profit organisation formed and incorporated under section 21 of the Companies Act, 1973 with PBO (public benefit organisation) status. It acts as a think tank, drawing from across industry and government, soliciting funding and appointing resources to engage in activities to reach the following objectives:

  • To support wildlife research and conservation initiatives.
  • To support education of the broad public on the need for utilisation and hunting in successful biodiversity conservation.
  • To support the training of conservationists and hunters.
  • To work towards empowerment of rural communities that make habitat available to wild animals, as well as towards empowerment as hunters and wildlife conservationists of previously disadvantaged individuals.
  • To support conservation and hunting associations and any initiatives or ventures that they might launch in acting in the interest of hunter-conservationists.

The CERE Foundation Pty Ltd’s membership and governance is open to conservation and hunting organisations, government on national and provincial level, tertiary educational structures as well as selected individuals. Governance is in accordance with the provisions of the South African Companies Act and it’s statutes. The company office is situated in Uitenhage.

The CERE Foundation is currently funded by the CHASA CERE Trust and provision is made for other organisations and individuals to contribute to the Foundation through tax deductible donations. Funding will further be solicited from the proposed Hunting Licence Fund, set up in conjunction with DEAT and the Provinces.